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2024 Hoyt Kobalt Package




Complete Package $699




In Store Purchases Only


2024 Hoyt Kobalt Package Includes:



  • Hoyt Kobalt Compound Bow

  • 1/2 Dozen Easton Venture Arrows

  • Plano Compact Hard Bow Case

  • Fuse Pro Fire 3 Pin Bow Sight

  • Fuse Maxxis 4 Arrow Bow Quiver

  • Tru-Fire Toro Release

  • Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest

  • Peep Sight

  • Kisser Button

  • String Loop


* All bow/accessory packages are completely assembled and ready to shoot! Customer is properly measured and fitted to the bow package of their choice.


*Lifetime free labor on tuning, service work, etc. on all bows purchased from Itasca Archery Supply.



Axle-to Axle: 29 1/4"


Draw Length: 18"-28"


Brace Height: 6 7/8""


Mass Weight: 2.8lbs


Loaded with Hoyt technology and built for young archers, the new Kobalt adjusts from 18” draw length all the way to 28” with increases in poundage from 7 lb to 45 lb. Kobalt is built for the long haul and available with a custom FUSE® Package and multiple colors including Bone Collector and Cameron Hanes Keep Hammering Editions.

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