Itasca Archery Prostaff

Pro Staff members must exhibit the following attributes:


  • Character: Honesty, integrity, ethics, and an unselfish attitude are the kinds of character we look for in a Pro Staff member.

  • Involvement: Pro Staff members should be actively involved in promoting all aspects of  archery, such as archery education, archery leadership, club involvement, pro shop work, or any other type of archery community service. 

  • Knowledge: Pro Staff members should be knowledgeable about archery in general as well as our products and product lines specifically.

  • Enthusiasm: Pro Staff members should be excited about archery and all of its facets.

  • Participation: Pro Staff members should be able to demonstrate through their resume a very active archery agenda. 3D shoots, target shoots, hunts, etc. all weigh into the   balance of how much a Pro Staff member appears to stay involved in the sport and thus is able to be an ambassador for Itasca Archery and for archery in general.

Name: Beth Grooms

Place of Birth: Grand Rapids, MN

Current City: Grand Rapids, MN

Current Age: 32 Years Old

Started Archery: 25 Years Old

Got Started How: My husband, John, and I started shooting together. He had bow hunted for years and I decided to try it out. John and I have shot together ever since, both hunting and in tournaments.

Equipment Used: -Hoyt Carbon Element

-Scott Sabertooth Release

-Limbdriver Rest

-Easton Arrows          -Axcel Sights          -HHA

Archery Activities: Bowhunting Instructor for NASP program, Member of the Grand Rapids Archers, shooting both 3D and indoor leagues, and shooting in tournaments year-round.

Achievements: 2012 MSAA Female Freestyle Grand Champion, 2012 Female Freestyle – 1st Place – Field, 2012 Female Freestyle – 3rd Place – Target

Future Plans: Bowhunting, continuing instruction for NASP, continuing to compete year-round in Target, Field, 3D, and Indoor competitions.

Name: John Grooms

Place of Birth: Cohasset, MN

Current City: Cohasset, MN

Current Age: 33 Years Old

Started Archery: 14 Years Old

Got Started How: I started shooting bow when I was six years old. I found an old fiberglass recurve in my grandfather's shed. I later upgraded to a PSE Fire Flight that I bought for fifty dollars when I was thirteen; I harvested my first deer the next year with that very bow and I’ve bowhunted ever since.

Equipment Used: -Carbon Matrix Plus (65 lb), -Orange Contender Elite Spiral X Cam (60 lb), -Green Vantage Elite Plus Spiral X Cam (60 lb).

Fuse blade stabilizers

-Truball inside-out release (hinge)       -Stan Shootoff release (thumb)        -Easton Fatboys arrows for 3D shooting          -Easton ACG’s arrows for field shooting           -Easton X7’s for indoor shooting

Archery Activities: Member of NFAA and MSAA. NASP coach for home schooled children. Member of the Grand Rapids Archery Club.

Achievements: 3rd Place at the MSAA State Field Championship open Class. 1st Place at the MSAA State 3D Championship open Class. 2012 Minnesota Open Grand Champion.

Future Plans:  I will continue to compete in tournaments and I would like to start doing more out-of-state archery hunts.


Name: Dan Gorath

Place of Birth: Grand Rapids, MN

Current City: Grand Rapids, MN

Current Age: 41 Years Old

Started Archery: 10 Years Old

Got Started How: When I was 10 years old, my dad bought me an XI Silver Hawk compound bow so that I could hunt with him. He made me practice all summer long to make sure I was a good enough shot by fall. After my first hunting experience in the woods, I was hooked.

Equipment Used: -For Hunting: Hoyt Alpha Elite (62 lbs), 29” draw, ACC 390 Pro Hunting Series arrow, G5 Montec carbon steel broadhead, QAD Ultra Rest, HHA sight, Fuse quiver, Fuse stabilizer, Scott Sabertooth release.

-For 3D: Hoyt Alpha Elite, 62 lbs, 29” draw, Easton Fatboy 400 arrow, Spot Hogg Infinity rest, Axcel

sight, B Stinger stabilizers, Truball HT hinge release.

-Indoor: Hoyt Vantage Elite, 51 lbs, 29” draw, Easton Full Bore Arrow, Spot Hogg infinity rest, Axcel sight, B Stinger stabilizers, Truball HT hinge release.

Archery Activities: Grand Rapids Archery Club member since 2005 and CO-President 2008-2010. Member of MSAA, NFAA, NAA.

Achievements: 2010 3D Insanity Champion. 2012 Itasca Archery 3D Champion. 6 Time Indoor Team League Champion. Personal Bests: 300 – 59X (5 Spot), 300 – 26X (Vegas), 299 – 3D Itasca Archery (28 Target IBO scoring)

Future Plans: 2013 Iowa Pro Am. 2013 Vegas Indoor World Championship. 2013 Indoor Nationals. 2013 Wyoming antelope hunt.

Name: Terry Lewis

Place of Birth: Hibbing, MN

Current City: Iron, MN

Current Age: 40 Years Old

Started Archery: 4 Years Old

Got Started How: My father is a bowhunter. I started shooting with him in the yard around age 4. He started taking me to the local archery club and to the 3D range. I started tagging along with him when he bowhunted from the ground. A few of my earliest bowhunting memories are of him. I watched him harvest a doe from the ground, we had whitetail deer so close to us, we could almost touch them. I also watched an arrow he shot go over a very nice 8-pointers back. From a very early age, I have identified as a bowhunter. Archery is very much a part of my life and will continue to play a large part, for as long as I am physically able.

Equipment Used: -Hoyt Buffalo Recurve, Easton Axis arrows, Hoyt Carbon Defiant, Easton ACC arrows, Trufire release, Black Gold sights, Hunter's Safety System.

Archery Activities: 3D archery with both, a compound and a traditional bow, bowhunting any legal game species, teaching my children, my nephew, and my niece archery.

Achievements: Successful and consistent  harvesting of whitetail deer, turkey, and black bear. My best bowhunting moments are shooting a whitetail deer in the back country of Minnesota's BWCA and sitting in a ground blind with my daughter and seeing her excitement when deer are in range.

Future Plans: Continue my journey into traditional archery, hunt full time with a traditional bow and continue to travel the nation to bowhunt and explore wild places.



Name: Dane Benes

Place of Birth: Grand Rapids, MN

Current City: Grand Rapids, MN

Current Age: 34 Years Old

Started Archery: 18 Years Old

Got Started How: Football in high school had taken up most of my fall. Dad had a Darton SL50 in the closet, got it restrung at Itasca Archery and started shooting in the yard. I shot 2117 aluminum arrows, had a 10, 20, and 30 yard pin, practiced for a month and then went bow hunting. I used Muzzy broadheads at first but switched to Spitfires because they flew better.

Equipment Used: Currently shooting a Victory NVX27 for indoor with 4.5" feathers. I shoot Victory X-Ringers for 3D with 4 fletch AAE vanes. Black Eagle X-impacts for hunting, 3 fletch, 4" vanes with 265 grain Tuffhead Meatheads. I use a Trufire hardcore revolution thumb release.

Archery Activities: 5 years shooting 3D at Itasca Archery, 5 years indoor shooting at the Grand Rapids Archery Club. Arrowhead League.

Achievements: My best archery moment was winning the Bowhunter Class Money Shoot at Bowfest 2019. Took second place in Arrowhead Bowhunter class 2019. Our team won first place for three years at Itasca Archery's 3D league; 2016, 2017, 2018. Our team won indoor league for three years at the Grand Rapids Archery Club; 2016, 2017, 2018.

Future Plans: I would love to be able to shoot the Las Vegas tournament as a bucket list item. I would like to instill the love of archery in my two daughters. I want to continue to use archery equipment to fuel my love of the outdoors and hunting. I'd like to have the opportunity to harvest a bull elk with my bow.